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Echipa Distribev devine membru al familiei Orbico

Feb 1st 2016,

With Mr. Josip Roglic’s final signature and money transfer, we completed the transaction and the Distribev team became member of Orbico family.

This is biggest transaction Orbico has ever had and is the beginning of new, exciting journey.

Distribev Orbico’s turnover and coverage should make it also the biggest company within Orbico Group and it brings Orbico business in Poland to around 700 MM Euro turnover.

On March 1st 2016, Distribev will change name to Distribev Orbico.

Distribev Orbico facts:

Distribev Orbico is a joint venture of Orbico Group (80%) and Heineken Group (20%)
Distribev Orbico is a distributer of Heineken brands (Żywiec, Heineken, Tatra, Warka…) supplying local chains, Traditional Trade & HORECA
Distribev Orbico is also a distributer of Bacardi, Sobieski, Stock… supplying local chains, Traditional Trade & HORECA
Distribev Orbico generates cca 500 MM € annual turnover
The Distribev Orbico team consists of cca 1200 employees
The business operates out of 16 real estates in Poland
Logistically the team are managing 140 in/out trucks per average day

Branko Jovic, Vice President Orbico Group

“I strongly believe this is a huge opportunity to do great improvements in many segments of current operation in Poland via processes, results and careers development. I am personally proud to be a part of this as I am sure the rest of the Orbico family is”

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